Sunday, April 19, 2015

Healthy Breakfast with Oatmeal

Daily diet greatly affects your health. Starting from breakfast, choosing the healthy meal before you start the activity. One is by eating oatmeal. Oatmeal is a food of wheat.

Oatmeal is a high fiber food. Just a cup of oatmeal contains 4 grams of fiber, equivalent to an apple. There are at least five reasons why oatmeal is good for your consumption.

1. Satiety longer
Oatmeal can make you feel full longer than other breakfast menu. The high fiber in oatmeal can keep you from excessive snacking before lunch time. A study published in 2014 in Nutrition Journal shows that participants who ate oatmeal claim to feel full longer than those who eat cereal with equal portions.

2. Lowering Cholesterol
Foods high in fiber have been known to lower cholesterol levels, including oatmeal. Soluble fiber from oatmeal can help reduce the body's absorption of "bad" cholesterol. Bad cholesterol is known to be able to increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

3. Reduce the risk of colon cancer
Foods that are high in fiber have also been shown to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. As ever published British Medical Journal in 2011, people who consume an additional 90 grams of whole grains may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by 20 percent than those without.

4. Protect the heart
Oatmeal contains lignans which are chemical compounds that can protect against cardiovascular diseases such as heart. Lignans are also found in broccoli, apricots, and flax seed.

5. Not expensive
In addition to readily available anywhere, oatmeal sold price is also not expensive. No need to spend much money, you can be satisfied to get oatmeal. Not only healthy for the body, but also for your pocket.

Create an oatmeal breakfast is not boring

Many are thought to be boring oatmeal breakfast. In fact, if you are creative, eating oatmeal will have many flavor variations. Oatmeal fit mixed with some other foods that will add flavor and taste. You can add eggs, sliced meat, avocado, strawberries, bananas, and many more.

4 Amazing Benefits Drinking Water For Skin Beauty

For those of you who do not just want to be healthy but also always look beautiful, be sure to consume enough water each day. At least, every person needs to drink water approximately 8 glasses per day. Besides being able to guarantee your health, water is also very guarantee your beauty.
And in order to obtain a beautiful and healthy skin, some experts beauty and health experts highly recommend someone to get enough fluids in him. Quoted from page, drink water every day is very good and highly recommended, it is given the many benefits of drinking water.

Want to know what are the benefits of drinking water for skin beauty? 4 This is an amazing benefit for skin when you drink enough water every day.

Skin Tone

For you who want to have a toned skin, healthy and youthful, try to drink enough water at least 8 glasses per day. By drinking enough water, you can get toned skin, healthy and amazing. When the fluid in the body needs are met well, it can make the skin keeping with good elasticity.

Skin Fresh

When the fluid in the body needs met, arguably the skin will easily maintain freshness and moisture. Nutrition in water can help keep skin looking fresh and healthy.

Leather Cleaning

Drinking enough water every day is believed to improve one's health. When the fluid needs met, you will be away from the problem of dehydration. Some studies even mention that drinking lots of water can help reduce the risk of skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.

Troubleshooting Acne

When a person drinks enough water, it can also facilitate the skin to produce water and cleanse the skin through sweat. At the time out with a good sweat through the pores of the skin, it will help the cause of acne dirt in the pores of the skin can be easily lifted. Well, for those of you who want to get rid of acne problems, be sure to get enough water for your body.

That's some awesome benefits of drinking water for beauty and skin health. In addition to the above benefits, drinking enough water can also help you get clear skin, youthful and smooth. Not only beneficial to the health and beauty of skin, drinking water is also believed to have a myriad of health benefits for the body.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Remove Acne with Honey

Everyone would want a beautiful face and skin, clean, soft and free of pimples or blackheads. For anyone, acne is a scourge that needs to be eliminated because acne is very disturbing. Not only annoying, pimples and blackheads could make someone's confidence decreased.

Not infrequently, despite the use of expensive cosmetics and medicine from the doctor, acne or other skin can not be cured completely. Never recovered, sometimes, after treatment of acne and blackheads actually grow more and spoil the beauty. If this happens you should not worry too much.

Try to deal with acne or blackheads natural way using herbs in your home. The herbal ingredients can of fruit, vegetables, herbs or even honey. Reporting from page, you can overcome acne with honey. And this is easy tips.

  • Pure Honey
  • Warm Water

How to Apply

Clean your face with cold water and pat dry with a towel or cotton. If so, take honey with your fingers. Make sure that your fingers clean while taking honey. Apply with a soft honey to the entire surface of the face to the jaw. Spread evenly and let stand for 30 minutes. Wait dry and then rinse your face with warm water to clean.

For maximum results, do these tips at least 2 days on a regular basis. If you are diligent in doing facials and skin using honey, it also can make your face is getting brighter, smoother and appears fresher than usual.

Remember, make sure you use pure honey for maximum results. If irritation when using honey acne, as soon as possible to stop this treatment

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Benefits of Peaches

Peaches actually have important nutritional content is excellent maintaining a healthy body. Here are six essential nutrients of peaches that you may not know.

Beta carotene

Beta carotene is in the peach fruit is good for your eyes. In addition, other benefits are also known to increase blood circulation.

Vitamin C

With vitamin C, peaches good for maintaining healthy skin. It also works very well to get rid of dark circles under the eyes and prevent wrinkles.


Peaches have a good amount of fiber, and potassium which are known to reduce the risk of kidney disease and ulcers.


Vitamins A, C, E, and K and minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese and phosphorus that is in peaches is ideal for overall body health.


The antioxidants in this fruit is also called chlorogenic acid that works as an anti-inflammatory in the body. Not only that, the pieces that are easily found in supermarkets can keep digestion and prevent constipation.


Some studies also suggested that lycopene and lutein present in peaches help prevent macular degeneration, cancer and heart disease.

The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Lemon water is very good for our health. There are three main benefits are achieved when we diligently to drink a cup of warm lemon water in the morning. What is it?

Enhance the body immunity

Drink a cup of warm lemon water in the morning is very useful to get rid of toxins in the body perfectly. Not only that, the lemon is also believed to boost your immune system while the current transition season.

Keeping digestion

Lemon water can encourage the production of bile acids that are necessary for digestion. Additionally, lemon also helps remove toxins powerful in the digestive tract.

Source of nutrients and vitamins

Lemon water is rich in vitamins and minerals good. If every morning diligent drink lemon water, your body system can provide a boost of essential vitamins and minerals. Because as we know, the lemon is a source of vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How to Easily Clean Face

There is a proper way to clean your face, so that the skin is not only the only clean, but also healthy.

Clean Makeup
Rule number one, clean makeup first. Washing your face is still layered thick foundation and waterproof mascara is not easy. Use makeup remover, baby oil, olive oil, oil-based creams or makeup remover to remove tissue attached. Regular face wash soap will not be able to lift with clean waterproof makeup.

After washing the face, pat dry using a soft towel and use alcohol-free toner to normalize the pH balance of skin and tightens pores. Then use a moisturizer to moisturize and lock the natural moisture of the skin.

Choose Appropriate Products Skin Types
If you have normal skin, you will be blessed, because they can experiment with any product. But for sensitive skin, use something soft and does not stimulate acne. Likewise for oily skin, choose a facial cleanser that could lift oil and dirt plug the pores so that the face is not dull.

If you're acne, choose the proper cleaning can help remove bacteria from the skin. Thorough cleaning also removes dead skin cells on the skin surface. Avoid using harsh facial soaps that can erode the skin's natural oils. Characteristic facial soap is too harsh will feel tight and rough after washing the face.

3 Step Cleaning Face
1. Wet your face with warm water, because the water temperature is best when cleaning your face using warm water. If you use water that is too hot can make the skin becomes dry, while the water is too cold can damage the capillaries face.

2. Use a cleanser that suits your skin type. Pour the facial cleanser and wipe in a circular motion up to the hairline and jaw line passes.

Upward movement started in the middle of the face, moving outward and upward. Do not forget the neck area, wipe with a movement upward, from the bottom of the neck towards the chin. In this way your skin is not easy to loose.

No less important is cleansing with a gentle movement, because cleansing with harsh and by brushing, just make the skin red and irritated. While recurring irritation allow inflammation and infection of the oil glands, causing acne.

Do not wash face Overstated
Whatever your skin type, facial cleanse too often (more than twice a day) is not good for the skin, because the cause irritation and make the skin becomes dry due to dehydration. One of the signs of skin dehydration is the face becomes oily after repeated washing. Dry skin conditions that will stimulate the oil glands to work more actively to produce oil.

For that, simply wash your face twice a day, morning and before bed at night. However, the face should also be cleaned after exercise to avoid sweat clinging cause acne. If easy to sweat, wash your face when you feel too much accumulation of dirt, also when you feel uncomfortable, but once again, do not overdo it.

Clean Before Bed
If you sleep with makeup still attached condition, then the next day you will wake up with a dull face and possible irritation. Makeup such as foundation, powder and sunscreen are carried sleep will close the pores throughout the night. Though the night was the time skin generations. Skin cell turnover will not occur if the pores clogged by makeup and dirt. When not generations, the skin will not get the vitamins and other vital substances, consequently the skin becomes dull and redness.

Another effect is the appearance of acne and skin irritation. Skin pores are clogged by dirt and bacteria will cause acne and blackheads. Eyeliner and mascara are not cleaned will cause serious irritation to the eyes because they contain chemicals that are harmful if not cleaned up all night.

If too tired to clean your face at night, use a facial cleanser 3 in 1 makeup removal or tissue that contains soothing aloe Vera extract, rose water to hydrate the skin and collagen that maintain skin elasticity.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

4 Benefits of Avocado for Beauty

4 beauty efficacy of avocado that is what you get and how to cultivate it:

1. Skin From Within
Regularly consume avocado good for skin care from the inside. Among them make healthy skin, toned and glowing. Experts have recognized the efficacy of avocado and use it as a base material and applying beauty products directly. Each 100 grams of avocado contains protein, calories, calcium, fat, carbohydrates, iron, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, fiber, and water.

2. Moisturizing and Skin Tightening
Avocados are used directly as a face mask can moisturize and tighten facial skin. Avocados also contain sterolins that can disguise the signs of aging on the skin. How to use it quite easy, half an avocado puree with a blender. Add 1 teaspoon of pure honey. Then smooth on the skin, leave on for 15 minutes. Finally wash with warm water.

3. Smooth and Skin Smoothing Hand
Avocados are also able to smooth and soften the skin naturally. To be applied to the skin hands, take a quarter of an avocado with chicken eggs. Mix well with oatmeal and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix well and apply to the entire surface of the hand. Let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water and pat dry.

4. Avocados for Hair Care
Too often exposed to direct sunlight, the hair will usually dull and damaged. Or it could be damaged hair as well as the electronic device the wrong treatment. Avocados help restore your hair healthy and shiny. Vitamins A, B6, and natural oils contained in avocado easily absorbed scalp.

Here's how to use avocado for hair care:

Prepare half an avocado, medium banana, 1/8 cantaloupe, 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt and a blender everything Apply mashed avocado fruit evenly throughout the hair and scalp Let stand for half an hour Rinse with water cold to clean

If the hair damage is severe enough, you can also add 1 egg capsule of vitamin E are mixed in the herb.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Benefits Banana For Beauty

Who does not know a banana. In addition to having good taste and the fruit can be eaten all, bananas also has a myriad of benefits for the skin and facial beauty. Bananas are rich in vitamins that are good for skin health and beauty ranging from vitamins A, E, B and C. In addition, the high potassium content of it is highly recommended as an emollient for beauty. Reporting from, this is the beauty benefits of bananas for facial skin.

Potassium and B vitamins contained in bananas are very good to help the skin become more moist and beautiful. Using banana mask regularly allegedly can help you get the skin moist and smooth.

Controlling Oil

Excess oil on the skin can be overcome by using a mask banana. For maximum results, you can apply the mask banana with honey or lemon juice. Potassium, vitamin C and E on the bananas well to remove excess oil on the skin.

Anti Aging

Eating bananas and make a mask can help you look younger and fresher. Nutrition in bananas allegedly capable of eliminating black spots on the face and wrinkles due to aging.
Treating Acne

If you are having problems with facial and acne prone skin, try to do a natural treatment using a banana. Bananas are applied directly to the skin can help reduce inflammation caused by acne. It also can kill the bad bacteria causing acne on the face and skin.

Fade dark spots

Black spots due to blackheads and age the skin is said to be eliminated with a banana. Wash and peel bananas and puree the flesh. Apply as a facial mask or peel. For maximum results, you can apply it with yogurt.

Well, bananas proved to have many benefits for the beauty of the face and skin yes Ladies. Wait no more, let's create a natural mask with banana at home. Use the banana mask regularly for maximum results.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin Beauty

Who does not know the aloe vera plant, we can be sure almost everyone knows this one plant. Aloe vera has long been known as a plant that has a myriad of benefits both for the beauty of skin and hair beauty.
As one kind of cactus plants of the family Liliaceae, aloe vera can be grown in areas with dry climates. Various studies have shown that aloe vera has many benefits for the skin beauty. Reporting from page, here are some benefits of aloe vera for skin beauty.

Remove Acne

Aloe vera contains auxin and gibberellin are believed to have benefits to overcome and eliminate acne. The results of the study proved that this plant nutrient can stimulate the growth of new cells in the skin that can make skin healthy and free of acne.

Natural Moisturizing Skin

For those of you who have dry and scaly skin, try using aloe vera as a natural moisturizer to keep skin fresh and healthy. Nutrition in aloe vera is believed to excellent use as well as cope with dry skin moisturizer. You can apply aloe vera gel directly to your skin as a mask.

Protects skin from UV A and UV B

Some studies mention that aloe vera can help protect the skin from dangerous UV A and UV B sun. In addition to protecting, aloe vera can also treat dry skin and dull due to the sun. High antioxidant content in aloe vera which makes it excellent for curing dry or dull skin caused by the sun.

Prevent Aging

In the aloe leaf contains high antioxidants including beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E that makes this plant is very good for the skin. Nutrients and vitamins that exist in the aloe vera can help improve skin firmness and keeps the skin from dehydration.
Overcoming Cellulite

For those of you who have problems with cellulite, you can use aloe vera to overcome. The existence annoying cellulite and reduce your confidence can be overcome using aloe vera mask. Gel contained in aloe vera are believed to tackle cellulite even heal wounds in the skin.

Ladies, that the benefits of aloe vera for skin beauty. Not hard to do using aloe vera skin care. You simply set up aloe vera leaves, then wash, cut and apply a thin layer on your skin as a mask. But remember, not all skin types suited to treatment using aloe vera. If irritation occurs discontinue use aloe vera treatment.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Simple Ways Facial Treatment

Most women use a variety of ways to make the face look more fresh and always look beautiful. Using masks, full-blooded face, to go to a dermatologist is done in order to face always look nice.

Most women visit the salon for a facial skin care or just clean it. Of course this is not a practical way and not cost-effective. So how to enable women to always look beautiful in a practical way?

Reporting from Boldsky, Monday (02/23/2015) turned out to cleanse the face can be done at home without the hassle of going to the salon. To get the best results, you can use some of these ways to make it look like a treatment at the salon.

1. Face Wash
Washing your face is the most basic way that is done to remove dirt. There are many facial wash liquid with various types of skin, such as dry skin, oily, and acne. Use when or soft cloth to wipe the face. If you have sensitive skin, use a special soap to wash your face.

2. Use Cleaner
Natural cleansers like milk you can use for your beautiful face. Besides being able to remove impurities, this facial cleanser can also open up the pores and makes it look more fresh.

3. Natural Bleaching
Fortunately disguise facial hair like a natural bleach or lemon curd. Simply by rubbing lemon juice on your face and let sit for a while, then wash and dry face. This can make the face to be cleaner and more awake skin color.

4. Scrubbing
Scrubbing the face can help to slough off dead skin cells. Use a scrub with fine grains and if possible create their own scrubs for maximum results and natural.

5. Steaming
If you are a regular at the salon do steam by using the tool, try a simple way in the house with hot water. Cook the hot water and put it down on top of the vapor collects in the top of the container used.

6. Mask
To get perfect results try using a mask according to skin type. You will get a lot of nutrients from the mask is used. The face will appear more perfect and beautiful skin becomes radiant.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lip Care Tips To Stay Healthy and Beautiful

Almost all women always keep beauty by performing routine maintenance. However, much less attention to the health of women that their lips. If you do not maintain the health of the mouth can affect the overall performance. Possibility of chapped lips and other problems can arise because not keep lip care. Professional make-up artist, Carolina Septerita, giving lip care tips to keep it healthy and look beautiful. Here's the description:
1. Let Lip Breathing

This is a rare woman to maintain the health of their lips. Lip skin needs to breathe and therefore not to be too long to use lipstick. When you have to use it all day, you need to remove it every four hours.

2. Indirect Touch-up Lipstick After Eating

Many women who apply make use lipstick on the lips without removing it after eating. When food enters the mouth, lipstick will usually fade as affected by oil or other substances. Some women who are lazy to clean the rest of lipstick will instantly put on blush lip back without removing previously. It is not recommended by the 38-year-old woman.

3. Indirect Removed Disposable Wipes

When will remove lipstick, when I want to replace it after a meal or after I got home, Carolina suggested that indirect remove disposable wipes. You must use a special cleaner so that the skin does not peel off. If the direct use of tissue can become sore lips risky because the pores are forced lifted. If it does not have a special cleanser can use olive oil or olive oil.

4. Apply Olive Oil Every Night

So lips always look healthy and beautiful, apply olive oil every night. Olive oil is useful to provide nutrients to the skin so that when you wake up in the morning lips stay moist and not dry. Dry lips will easily chipped and cracked.

5. Scrub
Not only the body and facial skin that needs to scrub. Leather lips must also routinely scrub to maintain their health. Lips also have dead skin cells that need to be removed and replaced.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Natural Ways to Younger

Entering the 30s, fine lines around the eyes and forehead area is starting to look real. When the tears and the skin look no longer smooth and taut, panic was immediately ambushed. Do not panic, see 5 natural ways to stay young is:
Clean Face Maximum

Clean skin is able to absorb the nutrients optimally. Wash your face with attention to some things. First, wash your face with warm water, use a face wash soap that suits your skin type.

If you are new to makeup, use a bristle brush for delicate face can clean up the remnants of makeup and dirt better. Soft massage of hair brush helps improve blood circulation in the face.

Rinse face and pat dry with a clean towel. Change your towel on a regular basis because the towels are too old to use susceptible leave fungi and bacteria. Apply toners to give maximum care, then continue with daily care such as serum and moisturizer.

Start Early

Do not underestimate the anti-aging treatments, start of the 20s. Complete the daily ritual with care serum, night cream and eye cream. Select the anti-aging products are intended for 20s.

The content contained in it aims to prevent the signs of aging and keep the skin cell metabolism remains stable. We recommend that you also maintain your diet and lifestyle.

Many people think, at a young age can eat food without restriction. In fact, what we eat reflects the condition of our body later. Limit fatty foods and less sugar than now for a longer life and healthier skin.

Routine exercise

A time to exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 to 60 minutes. Besides good for the body and the heart, exercise also stimulates the hypothalamus in the brain hypnosis systems that emit a powerful anti-aging hormone.

If you do not have time, ranging from slight movements and unique that does not make you quickly get bored. Start by getting out of bed and walk around the house for 15 minutes. This makes your body is doing light exercise.

Then increase activity with light jogging, or add gymnastics floor and lightweight. Over time the body will charge activity and body will be hard if you are not taking the time to move.

Natural Masks

In addition to daily maintenance, treat the skin with natural homemade mask. Mix the egg whites with the lemon juice, stir until bubbly. Apply the mask to the face that had been cleaned evenly. Egg whites functions tighten the skin and tighten pores. Useful protein content moisturizes the skin and accelerates the regeneration process. Lemon is rich in vitamin C which acts as antioxidants to fight aging. To maintain skin elasticity, use this mask once a week.

Rest Quality

Sleep at night takes 7 to 8 hours to allow time for the body repair cells and rest after a day of activities. Keep the quality of your sleep, do not let the sleeping brain in a state of stress. Clean the area of the break you of objects that interfere with, such as laptops and books. Make your bed into a zone of rest with no habit of doing other activities other than resting in bed. When you put a TV in the room, do not turn it on when I want to sleep. This will buy time to sleep, thereby reducing the hours of sleep. Turn off all the lights and light sources. Rest in the dark makes the body produces the hormone melatonin, which is good for the body's defenses and keep body cells from damage. Avoid drinking too much water before bed, because you will urinate in the middle hours of sleep that disturb your sleep.