Saturday, December 31, 2011

Benefits of Fruits on Skin Care

Benefits of the fruit are not only good for your health, but also for the beauty of the skin. Thanks to the fruit, the skin becomes soft, smooth and shining.

Benefits of Fruits on Skin Care

When the body is seized with fatigue, the fruit became one of the spa treatments that can pull all of the disorder. The fruit is believed to soften the skin as well as make the skin look bright and healthy. Not only have that, but spas fruit also makes the skin so relaxed when coupled with a soothing massaged. To realize such beautiful skin, the key, select the right pieces according to your skin. Tips below can help you, as reported by Genius Beauty.

Facial treatments

Freshness of fruits and vegetables may be the best choice for your skin care. Spa cleanser products such as papaya, mango mousse cream, honey, oat scrub and avocado face pack can be used to make the choice that you are healthy and beautiful skin.

When I want to do skin care, the first thing you need to consider knows your skin type. After the officer said on beauty treatments to keep her from doing any spa treatment on your skin.

What is suitable for your skin?

Choose a suitable treatment for your skin with fruits or vegetables under this depends on your skin type.

Normal: Avocado, papaya, strawberries
Dry Skin: Bananas, brown, honey
Oily skin: Orange, lemon, and tomato.
Combination skin: Strawberries, aloe vera, lime juice