Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beautiful without Make up

COSMETIC was created to help women look more beautiful, and perfect. But you need to believe in, every woman has a beauty essentially different, even without cosmetics.

Beautiful without Make up

If you are a woman who was always hanging with cosmetics, no one ever tried to perform without cosmetics. Here are some tips that you can do to stay beautiful without cosmetics, as reported by Natural Beauty.

Expand smile

A friendly face and a smile of course makes people easy to forget. You will be surprised, if imagining what people will remember, when you face with cosmetic but without a smile or without cosmetic but full of smiles. This tip is the most inexpensive and easy to do.

Always do good

you want to choose which one? Being a beautiful woman like a supermodel but disliked for bad behavior, or become an ordinary woman but a lot of love because your heart is beautiful? Rest assured, true beauty comes from the heart.

Keep your weight

To maintain weight, do regular exercise. Exercise can build muscle, if coupled with proper diet. Not only maintain weight, exercise will also keep the bone structure, health and fitness of your body.

Eat healthy foods

there is a proverb that says, you are what you eat. If your food comes mostly from processed foods are too salty, too sweet and fatty foods, so do not be surprised if it looks at the appearance of hair, skin and nails. Eat at least five servings of vegetables and fruits every day to get maximum performance.

Treat your hair

generally; people are very happy with the person who can take care of her appearance. Give more attention to your body; especially note the cleanliness of your hair. Choose the model that suits your face shape, because you look not only at the face of it, right?

Choose the best clothes and fitting

for clothing, you can begin to choose a model or color. Choose one that best suits your personality, taste, and comfort you. Do not forget to adjust it according to your current needs and conditions of use.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How To Naturally Whiten The Face

TO get the skin whiter and healthier, there are many things we can do at home without using chemicals and tools beauty aids.

How To Naturally Whiten The Face

By nature every day of the old skin and get rid of unhealthy skin. In a short time, we actually can have a whiter skin simply by avoiding themselves from the blistering heat of the sun.

Here are some tips to look more white faces that can be done easily, as reported by Total Beauty.

Use the umbrella

Whiter skin can be obtained by wearing long-sleeved shirt, or by using a broad-brimmed hat to protect face when outdoors in the daytime. The use of umbrellas can also be an alternative to avoid the hot sun.

Use natural skin polisher

Loofahs, pumice and cleaning cloth can be your best friend in the bath. Use your favorite soap in the bath until frothy and then use loofahs or clean cloth to rub dirty and dull skin to waste. This must be done every time you shower. Use a cloth soft portion, and be careful when brushing near the eye area. Here, you can simply use a little pressure with the fingertips, and apply a small circular massage on the skin.

Feel the benefits of cucumber, papaya, and lemon

Use cucumber, papaya, lemon and other natural skin whitening at home. This natural skin whitening tips are the answer to whiten the face. cucumber, papaya and lemon has natural properties that are known to get rid of dry skin and dull, reduce clogged pores and make skin look younger.

In addition, this natural bleach can also reduce dark spots and uneven skin tone. Bleach this is the main ingredient of natural skin care products are the most effective and has no side effects, although often used.

Eat healthy foods

Get a pretty face and white naturally can also be done through a healthy diet and drink plenty of fluids. In this way, not just white and healthy we get, but also resistance to infection and disease.

Stop smoking and alcohol

These are tips to whiten the face of the most simple and easy. Smoking is an unhealthy habit in bringing back the skin glow. Therefore, it is highly recommended to quit smoking because smoking reduces the skin's elasticity and the ability of skin cells to rejuvenate. Drinking alcohol and eating fatty foods should be avoided. Exercising will make your body healthier and healthier and more then white skin.