Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8 Things Required For Healthy Skin

You can just do regular facials at the salon or a dermatologist. But most important is the daily skin care at home. There are some basic skin cares you need to know.

8 Things Required For Healthy Skin

For those who have oily skin, dry, normal, or even sensitive, the following eight simple steps should be done regularly. The skin is always in a state of healthy, radiant, and youthful.

  1. To reduce wrinkles, get used to sleeping on your back. When you sleep on his stomach, as reported from the skin pores will face difficulty in breathing and you will be depressed by a pillow so that it can cause wrinkling if often done.
  2. Do not go outside without sunscreen, even if out of the house briefly. Exposure to sunlight can cause all sorts of proven skin damage.
  3. If you have a skin for signs of damage or easy to peel, usually soap facial cleanser you use is the cause. Try using a cleanser that contains no fragrance.
  4. Whatever your skin type, the most appropriate skin cleanser is a cleanser that dissolves in water. As well, it can be cleaned by simply wiping with water.
  5. In order to face cleared up after a day of activity, flush with a little water. You can also use light spritz before applying make-up.

    Warm skin tends to absorb nutrients and vitamins contained in the products you use. So if you cool the skin, wash with warm water.
  6. Not too often do the scrub on the skin because it may cause irritation. For dry skin, you can do as much scrubbing of one to two times a week. As for the oily skin as much as two to three times a week.
  7. All types of make-up that you use will last longer and look better if you apply on the skin soft and clean. Therefore always clean your skin first before applying foundation.

    If you do not have time to wash your face with soap, you can saturate your face with clean water and dry using paper towels.
  8. Skin care habits now, will largely determine the condition of the skin five or ten years. So start early to maintain healthy skin.