Monday, August 27, 2012

Make Up Tips for Dark Skin

Having dark skin for some women make an appearance are not confident. Especially if you want to look beautiful with makeup. In fact, there's nothing wrong with dark skin, Ladies. In fact, with your dark skin can look more beautiful and glamorous impressed if you use the right makeup. The following, as quoted from (10/8) the right makeup tips for dark skin.

Basically, dark skin is very prone to acne and blackheads. So, keep in mind is to choose the right foundation. Choose a foundation with a lightweight formula and make the face look fresh. Then choose a foundation that is darker than the skin color to camouflage uneven impression caused by oily skin.

Eye shadow
To give the impression of a firm and natural, you can use the same color eye shadow to the eye. So, you should choose a dark colored eye shadow such as almond, burgundy-brown, copper, and bronze.
To make up everyday, you can use the extra shimmer eye shadow to highlight the color of the eyes. If not, simply wet the brush then brush on the eyes to give a more intense impression.

Blush on
For cheek, you should choose a slightly brighter color than the color of skin. Orange, raisin, or bronze is one right choice to give the impression firmly on the cheek. Add a sweep of the cheekbones, forehead, and nose in order to seem more exotic impression.

For lips, toffie color, golden brown or nude lip gloss color is perfect for your skin tone.
No need to worry anymore to look beautiful and natural though dark, is not it?