Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Get Skin Clean and Shining

FACE beautiful and shining is a dream of all women. However, not everyone can go to a salon for expensive treatment. Hence, refer to the following simple and inexpensive.

How to Get Skin Clean and Shining

Facial regularly is proven to be good for beauty, but not for your finances. But do not worry, because you can do the treatment yourself at home.

According to Una Brennan, beauty practitioner from London, the result was no less by going to the salon.

Clean up

Wash face with warm water. This opens the pores and clean your face up to the surface of the skin. With oil-based cleanser is best to remove oil and dirt. Clean your face and massage at least three minutes, so as reported by the Daily Mail.

This is a simple way to remove dull skin. Massage gently outwards from the center of your face. Give gentle pressure around the eyes to remove make up your ex.


The second stage is to use a exfoliator or exfoliating your skin to remove dead skin cells. Do not use too much scrub and avoid rubbing the skin with a bang. Rinse face with warm water. Do this once a week.

Beauty Mask

Use a mask to suit your skin needs. If you want to save, you can create your own mask at home. Mashed avocado good for dry skin.

To add relax effect, you can put a bag of tea bags that have been brewed in the eye, while wearing a mask. After 15-20 minutes wash the face and tap-tap with a cold cloth for 30 seconds to close the pores.


Use the serum, one of which is ideal that contains hyaluronic acid, which helps bind water in the face. Then apply a moisturizer and finish with your favorite eye cream.